WHAT IS Digital Signatures Certificate (DSC)?

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a digital code (generated and authenticated by public key encryption) which is attached to an electronically transmitted document to verify its contents and the sender's identity. Digital Signatures make use of the public key encryptions to create the signatures. Digital Signature is a secure digital key that certifies the identity of the holder, issued by a Certifying Authority (CA). It contains information about the user’s name, pin code, country, email address, date of issuance of certificate and name of the certifying authority.

Classes of Digital Signatures Certificate (DSC)?

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Class 1 Digital Signature

Class 1 digital signature certificates are issued to individual/private subscribers and are used to confirm that the user’s name and email contact details from the clearly defined subject lie within the database of the CA.

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Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 digital signature certificates are issued to the director/signatory authorities of the companies for the purpose of e-filing with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

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Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 digital signature certificates are used in online participation/bidding in e-auctions, e-bidding and online tenders anywhere in India.

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How to Apply for Digital Signature Certificate

We will solve all your queries regarding Digital Signature Certificate. After that, we will collect all the necessary information required for filing a digital signature certificate application form duly along with ID and Address proof.

How can we help you?

We will draft your application for digital signature certificate as soon as we receive your information. After verifying the given information, then the application will be submitted to the certifying authorities immediately.

How can we help you?

Once the application is submitted and processed, Your Digital Signature Certificate will be given to you in a USB within 10 mins.

How can we help you?

Use of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate can be issued to individual or an authorized individual on the behalf of any organization. Generally Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates can be obtained for:

  • GST / MCA21 / DIN / ROC
  • Income Tax e-Filing / Form 16
  • EPFO Online Transfer Claims
  • Banks- Net Banking, SEZ Online
  • Applying for IEC in DGFT
  • Mail & Document Signing

Use of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 3 digital signature certificate is mandatory for every individual, companies and organization for taking part in e-Tendering, e-procurement, IPO, Patent, Trademark filling process on various Indian websites.

  • e-Tendering (Govt./ Pvt Sectors)
  • e-Governance
  • e-Procurement
  • Banks – Internet Banking
  • e-Bidding Tender
  • e-Auction

Type of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Signature Only

Digital Signatures Certificate could only be used for Signing a document. Digital Signatures Certificate (DSC) most popular usage is signing the PDF file for Tax Returns, Legal Contracts, MCA and other websites.

Encryption Only

Digital Signatures Certificate would be used to Encrypt a document, it is popularly used in tender portal, to help your company encrypt the documents and upload. Encryption is used to send classified / confidential information.

Sign & Encryption

You can use the Digital Signatures Certificate to both sign and also encrypt documents. This option includes Digital Signature and Encryption features.

Points to remember

  • “Digital signature certificates are issued for 1 or 2 years. After their validity has expired, they need to be renewed. The validity is controlled by law, and you cannot buy certificates more than three years and less than One year validity.”
  • “Digitally signed documents are acceptable in legal courts as an evidence or proof.”
  • “A person can have different digital signature certificates – one for official purpose and the other digital signature certificate for personal purpose.”
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Benefits of Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Digital Signature Certificates are helpful in authenticating the personal information details of the individual holder when conducting business online.

Reduced Cost and Time

Instead of signing the hard copy documents physically and scanning them to send them via e-mail, you can digitally sign the PDF files and send them much more quickly.

Data Integrity

Documents that are signed digitally cannot be altered or edited after signing, which makes the data safe and secure. Sometimes used to verify the business transactions by the Government agencies.

Authenticity of Documents

Digitally signed documents give confidence to the receiver to be assured of the signer’s authenticity. They can take action on the basis of such documents without getting worried about the documents being forged.

Fulfilling Statutory compliances

Individuals and entities who are required to get their accounts audited have to file their income tax return compulsorily using a digital signature. Used in MCA to file reports, applications and Forms.

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