Class 3 Individual Signing


Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-Ticketing?

Any Authorized Offical Agent must have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate to issue a Ticket to any User. To obtain Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-Ticketing, agent need to fill Application Form and need to submit documents. To Obtain the DSC, Agent must visit us Physically to our Office for Physical verification. After obtaining a Class 3 DSC , agent need to register himself with IRCTC principle agent.

What is e-Ticketing ?

e-Ticketing is a online process of Ticket Booking initiated by IRCTC for passengers. Any Authorized Agent by IRCTC must have an Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate to do e-Ticketing. e-Ticketing is a safe and fast way to book tickets securly. To complete the process securely IRCTC mandate the concept of Digital Signature Certificate to login and issue the DSC. So every Authorized Agent needs a Individual User Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate ( Class 3A ) Signing Only. After obtaining Class 3A Digital Signature Certificate – Signing Only , agent needs to map that Digital Signature Certificate with IRCTC through princple agent.

Why type of Digital Signature Required for e-Ticketing ?

Any Authorized Agent must have Class 3A Digital Signature Certifcate ( Individual User ) to do e-Ticketing. Digital Signature Certificate would be issued on Individual name to do e-Ticketing.

Technical Specifications of Class 3B Signing DSC

  • right-icon  Class of DSC : Class 3

  • right-icon  Type of Certificate : Signing & Encryption

  • right-icon  Validity of DSC : Minimum 1 Years & 3 Years Maximum

  • right-icon  User Types : Individual User

  • right-icon  Bits of DSC : 2048 Bit

  • right-icon  Algorithm of DSC : SHA 2

  • right-icon  Storage of DSC : ON FIPS Certified Cryptographic USB Tokens
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